Design Tools for a C-CHANGE




The OCAD University Health Design Studio presents research-based service-system concepts developed by student-led teams since 2017, in collaboration with a Sunnybrook team leading the C-CHANGE guidelines initiative. The design proposals represent feasible, implementable solutions for helping doctors and patients mitigate hypertension and reduce cardiovascular risk factors as primary prevention strategies.

The design research is published online to share the ideas and approaches, with an aim to discover collaborators on these preventive solutions for health improvement across Canada.

Circulate Tables for C-CHANGE Guideline


The Design for Health Systems Studio collaborates with the Sunnybrook physicians leading the C-CHANGE Canadian Cardiovascular Harmonized National Guideline Endeavour initiative to update its nationally endorsed guideline for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in primary care, which is followed by clinicians across the country.

The findings and proposals have led to recommended improvements in information design, guideline formats and user experience for home blood pressure monitoring, for hypertension self-management, and prevention of chronic disease over the long run.

The C-CHANGE tables were designed by Dr. Jones with Design for Health graduate Rosa Chu, in hopes of achieving higher usability and broader dissemination.

Home Monitoring Blood Pressure

Now an essential health-management activity, easily prescribed, but difficult to sustain well over time. Why?