Patient Concepts

Studio 2022: Building Awareness + Promoting Behavior Change
Project Overview: Design concepts were co-designed to achieve the following objective - "Empower and motivate people with hypertension or at high-risk of developing it to take an active role in their care and self-management journey".
Studio 2021: App design for BP monitoring + Care Team Engagement

Project Overview: As the patient-centered team our goal is to assess and build on prior Studio studies and identify opportunities in patient and health-seeking contexts. Previous projects have developed solutions for home blood pressure habits for CVD self-management, storyboards and app prototypes for lifestyle changes and concepts for increasing physical activity through informal sports. The goal this year is to accelerate the project by utilizing the LEDE cycle framework, with the intention of rearranging the process to design first followed by conducting research.

As various factors may impact lifestyle changes needed to prevent CVD (i.e. diet, exercise, meds, weight loss), emotional stress & coming across varying information our aim is to empower patients utilizing a human-centric approach.

Service Blueprint

This Service Map starts at the point diagnosis, taking into account: touchpoints, emotions, stakeholders & internal interactions


Aniekemeabasi Udofia

Product Designer | Healthcare Designer

Der-Shuan (Jessica) Hwu,

Industrial Designer | Healthcare Designer

Syeda Maryem Abbas

UX Designer | Healthcare Designer

Ya Chih (Michelle) Chang,

Student ARIDO Interior | Healthcare Designer

Wenhao Lu

Industrial Designer | Healthcare Designer

Zongqi Jiang

UX Designer | Healthcare Designer

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